Team Building Workshops based on the Extended DISC Personal and Team Analysis Reports. 

These fun interactive Workshops utilise practical experiential learning techniques developedExtended DISC @ Talent Tools on the principles of adult learning to ensure the  transfer of learning from workshop to workplace.

Workshops can be run for teams of any size and are tailored to achieve your specific team and organisational outcomes.

Participants realise that their profile, although different to the others in the team, is perfect for them; and develop an appreciation of the character traits and behavioural style preferences of their team members. 

Learn how to identify the style of another person and then how to use that knowledge to adapt your own communication style to improve relationships,team dynamics and achieve positive outcomes through others.

This is the most valuable interpersonal skill!

         A common comment during these workshops is, "Now that adds another to complexion to it; I always thought you just did that to annoy me!"

The Team Workshops takes 2-4 hours and can be combined with a other modules from our "Facets of Style" Series of Workshops including: Customer Service; Sales; Dealing with Difficult People; Influencing Skills; or Communication Skills for a valuable day.

Alternatively the second half of the day can be run as a fun team problem solving activity or competition (between teams) focused on real team issues/goals whilst consolidating their DISC-ability.

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